Organizing with Martha Stewart Labels

I have been on an organizing kick lately. It's been sparked by the numerous things my kids acquire and/or need as they get older. Whether it be toys, saving clothes for my younger daughter, or my craft supplies accumulating the more birthday parties we have. Recently I bought a Martha Stewart organizing magazine (I rarely buy these types of magazines, but I was in the mood), which had some great little tips in it. Of course it was pumped all of the numerous Martha products, but I didn't mind, because as much I don't want to, I usually love her products over others that are similar.

Lately, I have been struggling with what to do with some of my older daughter's pictures she has drawn or painted (My one year old has yet to successful not try to eat the crayon). I am not one to keep every single little thing, but I do want to look back and remember those times when girls drew me a picture or started drawing actual figures, versus scribble. I saw this idea in the Martha magazine and think it's a great solution that can grow as the girls get older. I went to The Container Store and bought simple white shipping tubes as well as the wire basket. Then I bought the Martha Stewart Chalkboard labels from Staples. They feel more like vinyl, but they really do erase easily...I should know. I erased them numerous times with my poor penmanship!

What I love most about this little project - simple!!! Check out all of Martha's other labels available at Staples too. I bought some of the kraft and white paper ones as well that I am looking forward to using. And aside from the chalkboard labels, most of them you should be able to run through your printer. Bonus!