Phillip Jefferies Wallpaper

Bringing natural textures in your home always has a soothing and comforting effect. At least for me. I love any sort of natural wallpaper to bring the nature element inside, but what it also unexpectedly brings is a modern feel...with the right pairing of furniture and accessories of course!

We are putting this Japanese paperweave palm paper from Phillip Jefferies (a wholesale wallpaper company) up in the nursery to bring some warmth to the room. It is only going up on about the top three feet of the walls, but just that amount makes the room cozy. The bottom five feet of the walls are wrapped in white shaker style wallboard. Phillip Jefferies has some beautiful wallpapers to check out. Even if it's just an accent wall, these papers can make a huge difference in a room. We put some grasscloth wallpaper in our loft area so when you look up from the entry way you can see the textured wall.

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