DIY: Squeaky Clean

Over the last several years I have been switching over most of my household cleaning products to natural/less harmful products. I have found some good ones and also some that just don't stand up to the chemical loaded competition. Window cleaner has been one of them I have struggled with.

About a month ago or so, I found all these recipes on the Martha Stewart website on making your own cleaners which is the ultimate in green and also saves money over the long run. I had bought all the ingredients I needed, but was waiting for the ones I had purchased to run out so I could reuse their respective bottles already prelabeled. Alas the window cleaner ran out last weekend and so I decided it was time to venture in to the green of all green and make my first attempt at homemade cleaners.

I just have to say that I feel silly at how SIMPLE it was!!! It literally took me a minute to do and it works fantastic (see recipe below). For the Castile soap I bought the lavender scented in order to mask some of the vinegar smell which is very mild and dissipates super quick. It leaves NO streaks!!! Gone are my days of buying Windex and getting aggravated at having to wash and rewash windows to get rid of streaks. I can't wait to try the other cleaners that were listed in that article.

Window Cleaner
1/2 teaspoon Castile or plant-based liquid soap
3 tablespoons distilled white vinegar
2 cups water

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